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When most people think of envelope liners, they picture a solid color inside the envelope or maybe even think of an outdated tradition that should be cast aside – but today, envelope liners mean so much more than that! Whether it’s a striking pattern that’s color-coordinated with the wedding invitation suite or a picture of the bride and groom, modern brides take advantage of the additional space that wedding liners provide. They can quickly take a wedding invitation to the next level!

What are Envelope Liners?

Envelope liners go back to the days when wedding invitations were hand delivered, and were probably used to add a bit of extra protection and privacy to the special contents of the envelope. Basically, envelope liners are a portion of paper or card stock that is cut to fit inside the envelope and fold down with the envelope flap. They are precision cut (usually die-cut) to fit the envelope perfectly and are easy to slip in. They are then attached with some type of adhesive so that they stay in position. When designed correctly, they can be a fun and unique detail that makes your wedding invitations really stand out.

Traditionally, envelope liners are used on the inner envelope of the invitation suite. This means that the liner will still be seen if the recipient uses an envelope opener on the outer envelope (or rips it open, as many of us are prone to do). Even if the outer envelope is destroyed, the inner envelope remains intact. When the recipient gets to the inner envelope, they are then far more likely to open it up carefully since it is usually not sealed. That allows the envelope liner to be seen in all its beauty. However, it is perfectly acceptable to line the outer envelope instead of the inner envelope, or use just an outer envelope. The choice, of course, is up to the bride.

gold envelope liners and stationery

What Purpose Do Envelope Liners Serve?

Your wedding invitation may not require the extra protection used when your grandparents were married, but many brides are still using envelope liners. There are quite a few reasons for this, as envelope liners can be used to:

  • Add a personal touch to an otherwise formal, traditional wedding invitation
  • Take advantage of the open space provided by the envelope
  • Prevent invitations from looking too generic
  • Provide a hint of the tone of the wedding
  • Upgrade your wedding invitation in a simple but striking way
  • Add a little extra color to what may be an otherwise neutral color palette
  • Make your wedding invitations truly memorable
  • Pull the entire look of your wedding invitation package together
  • Provide coordination with other aspects of the invitation or the wedding stationery, such as guest books or wedding programs

In fact, their uses are limited only by the creativity of the bride. There are no hard-and-fast rules about what can and cannot be used on an envelope liner.

Why Envelope Liners are Cool

Remember that the people you invite will see the envelope liner before they see the invitation, so it’s a great opportunity to offer a little sneak peek of what’s inside. Many people may think liners are limited to basic colors, but they can include so much more!

Patterns, gradients, photographs, images … if you can put it on paper, you can probably use it on an envelope liner. You could use part of your wedding color palette for a solid color liner or combine it with a striking pattern to provide an attractive backdrop for your invitation. You might use some image or icon that represents the vision you have for your wedding. Nautical maps and street maps can be used. Patterns and motifs remain extremely popular and can easily tie in with the invitation itself. Flowers, from realistic to beautiful abstract watercolor designs, are another popular option. Metallics can also be used, to literally add some sparkle to your wedding invitation suite. Envelope liners are an excellent yet budget-friendly opportunity to let your creativity flow while adding extra flair and personality to your invitation suite.

attractive matching envelope liners

Practical Uses for Envelope Liners

And depending on what you choose to depict on the envelope liner, it can serve a practical purpose, too. Your envelope liner might:

  • Provide the name and address or an artistic rendering of a map to the location of the wedding venue
  • Illustrate the monogram for the new couple
  • Show a beautiful picture of the happy couple
  • Display the couple’s name and wedding date
  • Hint at the venue through an artistic representation of it
  • Add a skyline of the city where the wedding will take place
  • Keep the invitation from showing through thinner envelopes
  • Set the tone for the wedding with a colorful, casual pattern or perhaps an elegant motif

Again, there are no rules for how you can use the envelope liner. It’s an excellent opportunity to be innovative, stylish, and practical all at the same time.


If you are putting together the wedding invitation package for your dream wedding, don’t forget to consider including an envelope liner! At Paper & Posh, we would love to help you design a memorable wedding envelope liner that reflects the vision for your wedding and who you are as a couple. Our consultants can help you with every aspect of your invitation package, as well as the paper and stationary needs for your special day. Contact us today to set up an appointment and let us help you make your special vision a beautiful reality.

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