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Wedding invitations are a fantastic way to introduce the colors you plan to use for your wedding, serving as a preview for your guests in advance of your big day. And, of course, you’ll be saving copies of your invitation to place in a scrapbook or among your wedding photos. That’s why you don’t want to go with just any color scheme for your invitations—you want it to fit in with the event and represent your taste. Fortunately, there are existing color palette trends that you can use for inspiration when searching for just the right colors to reflect your dream wedding.
wedding invitations with green, organic style


Shades of green reflecting the colors found in nature are extremely trendy. They reflect an organic vibe that expresses new life and adventures associated with the unfolding greens of spring. Greenery also pairs very well with peach, neutral colors, and blushes. One particularly attractive approach with strong feminine overtones is to combine a muted green with a dusty rose color.

Lilac and Lavender

While these are both shades of purple, the lilac provides a fresh, dynamic burst of color when combined with the dusty lavender shade. These gorgeous shades can be combined with neutral colors for a sophisticated, elegant look. Adding a metallic shade of silver as a highlight can really bring purple hues to life and add a bit of sparkle.

Grey and Navy

Navy has had a recent resurgence in popularity, with some even referring to navy as the new black. This has been reflected in wedding invitation color palettes trends, and you are likely to see a deep, dark navy combined with a palette of light grey shades. The navy exudes dignity and elegance while the gray adds the muted highlights and visual stimulation needed for this dark color to truly stand out.

Deep Red and Blue

Now this is a striking palette: A deep red shade combined with a dusty shade of blue. This isn’t a “Fourth of July” color scheme, either. Two shades of deep, deep red are used with two shades of a muted blue and a few neutral colors for stunning yet dignified wedding invitations.
adding metalics works with just about any color

Metallics and Neutrals

Another popular trend is palette of neutral and metallic colors. You can tie in gold, copper, or silver with just about any palette for beautiful, memorable highlights to really bring your invitations to life. Metallics really look fantastic when combined with a palette of neutral colors.

Black, White, and Gold

This is another popular color palette that is rooted in a more traditional, classic style of invitation. The basic black and white give it a formal, timeless feel while the addition of metallic gold gives it a more vibrant, lively tone for a perfect combination. It’s perfect if you want your invitations to have a dressy feel with just a touch of chic.

Metallics and Grey

That isn’t the only color palette involving metallic that is trendy, however. Another option is to combine dove grey with metallic details. Dove grey matches beautifully with rose gold, bronze, or simply gold. These shimmering shades go perfectly with the matte effect of dove grey for a truly stunning palette.


Pink is a classic color for weddings, especially for Southern weddings. You can give it a more modern, chic twist by combining with shades of ivory and blue instead of just black and white. The result is a beautiful palette with a slightly preppy feel to it.

Grey and Coral

If you want to add a bit of color to your wedding while keeping it elegant and understated, then you can’t go wrong with grey and coral. The grey gives it a traditional, elegant feel with coral to add just enough brightness and vibrancy to the color scheme.

Practical Guidelines for Selecting a Color Palette

When selecting a color palette for your invitations, you should limit your choices to 2 to 5 colors. We advise either using multiple shades of the same hue (for a tonal effect) or more than one neutral color in the palette. Then have one or two colors that will take center stage but are complementary to the rest. You always want to avoid jarring or chaotic color combinations.

Tips for Selecting a Palette and Using It Effectively

Since you will likely be using the same palette for your wedding, remember to choose colors that you can live with. You will have framed photos and albums filled with those colors. If you don’t care for a particular color or hue, you obviously don’t want to use it in your wedding palette. Go for colors that inspire positive emotions in your life, or perhaps the color of a meaningful object that will feature in the ceremony.
Also remember that invitations can serve as a visual reminder of the dress code for the wedding. For example, a beach wedding could feature bright, sunny colors and jewel tones, but it might confuse the guests if the invitation states “black tie.” If you plan a formal wedding, then a color palette with more formal overtones makes the most sense.

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