Luxury Wedding Invitations – Not Something That Just Gets Thrown Away

Why Luxury Wedding Invitations?

If we hear one more person say, “why would I invest in luxury wedding invitations, don’t they just get thrown out anyway?” we will….write a blog post about how important we think custom luxury wedding invitations are!

Send the Message!

If you are hosting a black tie wedding in a luxurious venue, wow your wedding guests from the very beginning with a luxury wedding invitation.  Your wedding guests will want to dress for the occasion and a formal invitation lets everyone know what to expect.  If you are having an outdoor ceremony and a more laid back reception, you can incorporate your theme into your invitations to let your guests know to get creative with their formalwear.  You don’t have to be a stationery Phanatic (see what we did there Philly peeps?) to get pumped up when you see a fun envelope in the mail. Even if they know it’s coming, you want your guests to get excited for your wedding when that envelopes arrives.  

Share the Love:) 

What better way to show someone you love them than to send them something special in the mail.   We do it with thank you notes, gifts, candy baskets and flowers.  We always ask brides…what is your wedding about?  The answer is 99% of the time, “fun” for my guests.  So send them an invitation that says “this event is for you.”  With the help of your stationery you can choose your fonts and colors strategically to share that love through a luxury wedding invitation, and btw top it off with hand calligraphy to address the envelope to make it even more personal. 

Everything eventually goes in the trash!

If we had a nickel for how many times we have all heard “oh, invitations just end up in the trash anyway”…..  Wedding invitations arrive at your guests homes two months in advance.  And they remain there in full view for those two months.  That means for two full months your guests are seeing, feeling, loving and connecting with your event.  Sure, your co-workers wife may not hold on to your invitation in a keepsake box for the next 30 years. But they aren’t going to hold on to your flowers, your table cloths, your wedding dress, your band or DJ either.  And we are willing to bet that sentimental family members and friends will hang on to the invitation as a reminder of a wonderful time in all of your lives.

Options for displaying your luxury wedding invitations

In addition to your guests having pretty fridge, command center, or desk decor, it’s nice for couples to use their wedding invitation as home decor throughout their happily ever after, starting with the wedding day.  Your wedding invitation can be used in a-

frame at the bar

dessert or gift tables

page of your guest book

frame at the escort card table

cocktail  hour tables

The colors and fonts from the invitation can also be used throughout the wedding for signage, but, again, a tangent we won’t go off on right now.

After the wedding, couples have found creative ways to display their invitations throughout their homes.  Shadow boxes are a beautiful way to display your invitation.  Gallery walls are huge right now and a preserved luxury wedding invitation is a great addition to the story a gallery wall can tell.  Another way to use your luxury wedding invitation is to put one in your wedding album so you can look back on how you invited your guests to one of the happiest days of your life.

So, the next time you hear that your invitation will end up in the trash, remember, they are a memento of a significant time in your life and do much much more than provide a time and date.  If done with the right stationer, you can have a lot of fun creating a one of a kind wedding invitation suite that will create a comprehensive flow to your celebrations.

Happy Planning!