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Wedding invitations mean different things to different couples. Some want the invitation to reflect the timeless beauty and elegance of the concept of marriage, while others seek out a design that reflects their own personality. Wedding invitation styles range from ultra-formal, with beautiful script fonts and muted colors while, to styles much more colorful and whimsical.

We have helped countless couples find the perfect invitation packages to hit just the right note for their marriage celebration. And just as no two couples are the same, no two wedding invitations are exactly alike. However, there are five invitations that rise to the top as our all-time favorites here at Paper & Posh. In this blog post, we are going to present our favorite invitation packages and explain what we find so special about them. We hope these examples serve as inspiration for your perfect day!

Wedding invitation wording: one of our favorites.

Exquisite Elegance

This is one of our most elegant invitation styles, and we think it is simply exquisite! You will notice the bride and groom’s initials in script on the paper band, which we think is a lovely and elegant detail. The color scheme is a quiet, muted pastel. Everything about this invitation package just seems to embody the beauty and grace of a traditional, classic wedding and reflects the seriousness with which this happy couple approaches their vows. If you are looking for a classic, lovely style of invitation, this serves as an excellent starting point.

Our favorite wedding invitation wording

Stylish Black Tie

This invitation was designed for a wedding that was held as a black-tie affair at a planation in South Carolina, so the invitations were designed to reflect that atmosphere. For the announcement, they went with a more classic gold and black style, while the RSVP card, with its delightful use of greenery around the edges, has a more lighthearted, casual feel to it, as it reflects the greenery to be found on a lush, beautiful planation. The envelope itself is guaranteed to stand out in anyone’s stack of mail with its gold on black lettering and, again, the golden pineapple motif. We love these invitations because they capture the style and grace of black-tie combined with just a little bit of fun. They are indeed beautiful and easily make our list of favorites.

The third example of our favorite wedding wording and design

A B&W Metropolitan Invitation

Here is another one of our favorite invitations, which we like to refer to as “metropolitan wedding.” The theme for these invitations is a city wedding, evidenced by the detailed, recognizable skyline represented in a beautiful pen and ink drawing. This invitation package relies solely on black and white to exude a formal vibe with a hint of the timelessness of black-and-white films. Upon opening the invitation, the first word that stands out is “LOVE,” and isn’t that what weddings are really all about? With love at the forefront, the font choices reflect a tasteful combination of modern and classical styles while perfectly complementing the rest of the design. Also note, again, the use of an eye-catching black envelope and the clever way that the city skyline is revealed as the envelope is opened. These invitations invoke a sense of metropolitan style and exuberance without straying too far from the traditional invitation style.

best wedding invitation wording

Bold and Energetic

These wedding invitations, which were covered on our blog a few years ago, are whimsical and colorful. They tastefully combine eye-catching, bright colors with fun motifs. Notice the recurring barn motif, symbolic of the winery where the wedding was held, and the adorable arrow-pierced heart, symbolizing Cupid’s success, on the back of the envelope. Even the font choices are bold and, as an added benefit, far easier to read than traditional script or cursive style fonts. These invitations no doubt reflect a wedding that is bound to be exciting for all who attend and a joyful experience for the couple. This bold, youthful style of invitation is an excellent example of how you can approach a more modern, energetic style with your own invitations. It remains one of our all-time favorites.

our favorite traditional wedding invitation wording

Tradition and Individuality Seamlessly Woven Together

This invitation package is certainly one-of-a-kind and stylishly reflects the individuality of the couple being wed. We love this unusual invitation package for several reasons, starting with the die-cut announcement and the adorable “merci beaucoup” card with the short golden ribbon attached. Without a doubt, this announcement will stand out in the memory of those who receive it. It makes tasteful use gold and black lettering that is complemented by the truly elegant patterning found inside the envelope. This fascinating design seamlessly combines traditional design with individuality–not an easy design task. It, too, is one of our most favorite designs.

The Choice is Yours

These five examples, ranging from formal and traditional to energetic and colorful, demonstrate that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing your wedding invitations. Whether you prefer modern styling, like the metropolitan wedding invitations, or enjoy a chance to express your excitement over your upcoming nuptials, like the couple who opted for the bold and energetic example, just remember that you don’t have to go with a traditional style if it doesn’t fit your personality and the celebration you are planning. Perhaps you want an invitation that is truly unforgettable to set the tone for the day. On the other hand, maybe your dress, flowers, and décor are romantic and traditional. We can help you capture that feeling as well. As long as your invitation contains the information you feel is necessary, then the rest is up to you.

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