Drawing Inspiration for Wedding Invitations

Most couples that ask me to create their custom wedding invitations have some an idea of what they want, or a goal in mind. “We want elegant wedding invitations….”  “We want traditional wedding invitations…”  “We want to incorporate a venue sketch…” and so on.  Sometimes, however, couples literally have no clue what to do for wedding stationery. If that is you, don’t worry, that is where I come in! 

My favorite place to draw inspiration is from the couple themselves.  I like to ask where they met, where have they traveled recently, where they like to eat, what they like to do together. From these simple questions, we’ve dreamed up some of the most beautiful but also personal and distinctive wedding invitations including “book” wedding invitations for one couple that loves to read, marble invitations for a couple that owns a marble quarry, and tarot card Save the Date cards for a couple with a second home in New Orleans. Some couples even provide the artwork for their invitations themselves! The bride herself drew the image of the barn used in the wedding invitation below. We’ve had several other brides sketch their own venue, and water color their own envelope liner design. 

Whatever you have in mind for your invitation, it should be some reflection of you as a couple!