Wedding Invitation Trends for 2023

The fall 2022 wedding season, arguably the first “normal” wedding season since the pandemic, just wrapped up and woah did we see some changes in invitation trends!  We fully expect these wedding invitation trends to follow through 2023 and stick around for a while. 

Less Paper 

One of the biggest post-covid changes is budget. Couples are still spending on food and beverage, but really watching their finances on the rest of the wedding including flowers, décor and paper.  The number one way to save money on a wedding invitation is to nix the double envelopes. Followed closely by asking guests to RSVP online.  Its not formal or traditional, and we would have never suggested it in 2019, but times have changed.  Online RSVPs are both acceptable and easy.  Simply request an online RSVP at the bottom of your reception card or other insert card.  You save the cost of the envelope and the stamp. 

The Venue Sketch

Like we said, the venue is the major draw for most couples.  Gone are the days of just “renting a hall.” Whether it is a glamorous city ballroom or a suburban mansion, couples are looking to provide guests with an experience.  A trendy and distinctive way to enthuse guests is to feature a sketch of the venue on the invitation. Water colors, sketches and line drawings can all be incorporated into your invitation. Venue sketches do come with a price tag.  Venue sketches can run anywhere from $150 to $500 for one time use. 

Classic and Timeless

When I meet a couple for the first time I always ask what their vibe is. Back in 2019, the answer was either traditional, modern, farmhouse, or rustic.  99% of the couples we are seeing in 2023 say they want their entire wedding to stand test of time.  They don’t want to look back in 20 years and cringe at the fashion, the floral arrangements, or the invitations.  Black and white invitations are our most popular color palette.  Followed closely by other “neutrals” including gold, navy and champagne.  

What’s out 

The folded pocket was innovative but like any other wedding trend it has run its course! We’re also seeing very few couples asking for rose gold accents, glitter papers, mason jars, daisies, laser cut jackets or intricate die cut shapes. Instead we see mostly gold accents, muted or neutral papers, greenery, vellum overlays and traditional shapes.