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Nothing speaks louder than a hand-written note

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How to Write a Real Thank You Note

So often we instinctively grab our smart phones and text or message a quick “tx!” or “thank u!” to someone who deserves it for one reason or another.  Maybe if we happen to be sitting in front of the computer, we go the extra mile and draft a “thank you” email.  I agree, there are instances where the text or email is both necessary and completely appropriate (another mom picks the kids up from practice….or your dad or husband gasses up the car before the big interview). But there are times where a real thank you note (pen, paper, envelope) is required, such as after a job interview, or in response to a gift.  There are times when a thank you note is at least preferable (after a dinner party, or when a friend organizes a “girl’s night out” in honor of your birthday).   If you are not sure whether a thank you note is required, think to yourself…”did someone put effort into something with me in mind?” If the answer is “yes,” then return the effort by showing appreciation for the both the gift and the person, and write a real thank you note. So I alluded to the definition of a real thank you note.  The bones of a real thank you note are the pen and the paper. Pen – use a fine point pen, either blue or black. Colored ink can appear childish and be difficult to read.  Before you draft your thank you note, try out the pen and make sure it doesn’t smear (especially if you are a lefty!).  Pentel advertises that its... read more

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